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I moved to San Francisco a year ago, after growing up in Delaware and living in different cities around the East Coast. This move was prompted by an experience with dialectic behavior therapy, and has helped me integrate components of DBT to improve my mental health and build a healthier life.


I am interested in the dissonance between personal narrative, identity and our past selves. These interests lead me to create work that is introspective, as well as go down a figurative rabbit hole to examine the work of artists and writers who created a dialogue with various scientific fields to introduce alternative perspectives of humanity and how our world works. 


My work is heavily influenced by Gustav Klimt, Leanora Carrington, and Chaim Soutine. In particular, Carrington has inspired me to embrace vulnerability and critically examine my inner world by adapting illustrative symbolism and narratives. Through mixed media I aim to capture nuances of emotion, alternatively through the lens of the primary experience as well as through a state of reflection and processing.

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